5 Wackiest Shoes, Collection 1

When it comes to shoes, most us are willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort and utility in the name of fashion. But, when the scales tip too far towards "fashion-forward" with no regard for wearability, the end result is these wacky shoes that are simply too. . .cool?. . .to wear. What do you think?

Well, at least you'll get some extra height for the 5 seconds you can stand in these boots.
Photo from here
Um, hideous doesn't seem strong enough for these monstrosities.
"Designer" unknown, Photo first seen here

Don't you love the convenience of having your game system right in your shoe?
Designer unknown, photo taken from here
These are adorable and playful.

Designed by Kobe Levi
One word: OUCH!

Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 Runway Show

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