Best Halloween Costumes 2014

Are you ready for Halloween yet?  Still trying to decide what you are going to be? Check out our top choices for Halloween costumes along with the perfect shoes to pair them with!

You can never go wrong by choosing your favorite Disney princess and ours happens to be Ariel.  Pair a mermaid skirt, leggings, or dress with these purple platform pumps by Luichiny and you will be the best dressed at the party.

Planning Halloween last minute? Nothing is easier than a cheetah or sexy kitty cat.  Pair this hot look with a pair of Luichiny leopard boots and you will be the life of the party, no one will know your look was last minute.

Another Disney classic, if the Princess thing doesn't suit you, is to go as a villain.  This years number one villain is Maleficent. Pair her severe horns and black attire with this over the knee Luichiny boot. You will be the fiercest at the party!

Another classic costume is Wonder Woman.  If you just can't decide what to be this is a great option.  It's easy, it's fast, and it always looks good. Pair with a heeled red boot and you are good to go!

Good luck choosing your Halloween costumes! Check out all of these shoes at!

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