2014 Fall Shoe Trends!

Those of you looking to stay on trend for this fall/winter season of 2014 should continue reading.  Here is a peek at what is to come this fall season when it comes to shoe styles.

1. Chunky Heels: Expect to see the thicker the better.  This season heels are all about being extra chunky and stacked.  We are also going to be seeing a lot of wooden accents this fall season, along with neutral color palettes.

2. Fringe: This trend hit pretty hard a few years ago and it is back! What with the fringe kimono's making a come-back statement, why not the fringe boot?  This season it's not as dramatic or over the top.  Most booties are going to feature slight fringe accents.

3. Mixed Prints: This isn't your mixed prints of the spring and summer, but something much more unique.  During spring and summer we saw pops of colors and combos of floral with stripes.  But for the fall we are seeing toned down colors and animal prints.  Some shoes will feature different materials int he same color or slight shades off.

4. Sporty Heels: This is a trend that has been being pushed in street wear for the spring and summer season and it is going to continue through the fall months as well.  Anything goes with sporty heels from neons to mesh and everything in between.

5. Western: Western is almost always in, but this season it's less about western and more about country chic.  This year you are going to see more ankle boots than cowgirl boots that have minimal detail, but that are offered in great color palettes. 

There you have it! If you want to stay on trend this fall keep an eye out for these five shoe trends!

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