Ours VS Theirs Shoe Blog!

Some of you may wonder why you should be choosing Luichiny, Diba True, or Bronx over other shoe brands?  Well here is your answer.  Not only are our shoes less expensive they are also of the same quality of shoe brands such as Jeffery Campbell, Fergalicious, and even Steve Madden.  Luichiny, Diba True, and Bronx are all designed with style in mind while ensuring they are affordable.  Check out these our's vs. theirs to prove my point!

Anthropologie: Frey Slingbacks
These adorable slingback heels can be found on Anthropologie.com.  Currently they are on sale for $249.95, a little more than one-hundred dollars off their original price of $375.00.  I'm not sure about you, but spending close to $300 dollars on one pair of heels seems a little outrageous, unless they are Louboutins' by all mean spend the $300. 

 Diba True: NEE NA
These adorable slingback wedges, are very similar to the heels featured above.  The only main difference is there is more brown accents and they are a wedge rather than a heel.  These shoes total to $69.00! That saves you more than $150.00. And these Diba True's wedges have an added cushion for comfort and padding on the sole. Comfort, style, and affordable what more could you want? You can find these wedges at demandshoes.com

 Anthropologie: Parklands Flats
These flats, although super adorable, are also super pricey.  These flats which are available at Anthropologie.com are on sale for $89.95, originally priced at $129.00. 

These Bronx flats are almost identical to the flats above, but you are going to save yourself about $15 dollars.  These flats are only $75.00 and offer more features than the flats from Antrhopologie. These Bronx flats have an added T-strap and two ankle straps with a zipper at the back for easy accessibility. You can find these flats at demandshoes.com

Anthropologie: Newbury Woven Oxfords
While these oxfords are a classic style and totally adorable they are priced at $119.00.  You can find these oxfords by visiting Anthropologie.com

 Luichiny: LUCKY GIRL
These oxfords are just as adorable, if not more, as the ones featured above.  Not only are they in an amazing iridescent print, which is so in right now, they are also only $$59.95! And they are available in an array of amazing prints! Check them out at demandshoes.com!

Now you have three great reasons to reconsider where you buy your shoes!


Ever see a beautiful shoe that you would love to have but do not end up buying because it doesn't necessarily go with everything in your closet? Well, you should buy the shoe anyways because it can go with anything you have! You just need to be a little creative and not afraid to push your boundaries! Below are three of our favorite flats with outfits for any occasion! 

The Hirracha Sandal

The Kiss Bliss by Diba True is a fun, and laid back sandal that can be worn super casual or dressed up depending on the occasion. It is a very colorful shoe which is why some people tend to shy away from it but if you play off all the bright colors in the shoe it can make for a pretty amazing outfit! Whether you are out running errands, out to lunch or on a date the Kiss Bliss can be paired with anything to keep the look more casual and fun. We recommend pairing them with orange, it really brings out all the fun colors in the sandal! Which outfit way is your favorite with the Kiss Bliss?

The Chunky Oxford

The Neon Trees from Bronx is a fun and chic oxford with a lug bottom. The fabric print is fun but can seem to be too wild for some. The great thing about this shoe is that it comes in black and white and everyone knows that everything goes with black and white so there is no reason to shy away from this stylish shoe just because of the print. Embrace it! Pair it with your favorite crop top and high waisted shorts, a maxi or be daring and try them with a romper on a date! Throw on some fun accessories and your prettiest red lipstick and you will be good to go! What is your favorite outfit way with the Neon Trees?

The Metallic Oxford

The Lucky Girl by Luichiny is the perfect summer oxford and we especially love it in the bronze metallic! Oxfords are so in right now but many are skeptical of pairing them with anything but jeans, so we wanted to show you just how stylish and chic you can look in them with shorts and skirts! Pair them with denim shorts and add some floral accents for the ultimate spring look or pair them with lace shorts and a lime green crop top and kimono! If you really want to be creative and bold throw on a lime green skater skirt with a crop top and rock them on your next date! We recommend pairing the Lucky Girl with lime green and white for the perfect spring and summer look. Let us know which outfit way is your fav!