Summer Wedges and Sandals to Die For!

This summer is going to be all about the heel height.  Although heels, wedges, and platforms have all begun to make a descent height wise, summer is going to be all apart paring your perfect wedges with every outfit.  Or even wearing your mini wedge instead of your typical black flip flops.  Take a look at Bronx/Diba's contender's when it comes to summer wedges and sandals.

As you can see from the images below this summer is all about the wedge.  My advice to you; is be daring! Buy a great wedge this summer instead of your typical flat or sandal.

Bronx brings us a lot of great sandals this years including the two featured above that come in an array of colors!

Diba True brings us wedge after wedge, after wedge! If you didn't like the first few you looked at I know you had to like one of the last few. A popular trend this season is wood and cork accents which Diba True has covered.  Pairing wood accents with a soft leather gives your shoe a classic look, while pairing cork with a braided leather gives you something fun and casual.

This summer's Luichiny wedges are still sky-high for those girls who love the drop dead gorgeous shoes.  Both of the wedges featured show two unique styles that offer suede uppers.  These two shoes show that wedges can be edgy while also being flirty.

Enjoy your summer! And make sure you rock those wedges!

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