Special Occasion Heels

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Maybe you are attending a wedding, a bridesmaid or the bride-to-be? Or are you attending your first prom or even a fancy girls night out? If you are Luichiny Red Carpet has the perfect shoes for you for any occasion! Check out our Red Carpet spring collection below!


Whether you are a traditional bride, an adventurous one or a sexy bride, The Betty Boo (top), Ber Nice (middle), and My Pleasure (bottom) are perfect for any blushing bride!


You may be a bridesmaid, the maid of honor or just attending the wedding, but either way the Eye For You (top), Bride All (middle), and Date Night (bottom) are great for any role you have at a wedding or special event! And they come in various colors!


It's that night that all young girls dream of, Prom Night! Make sure you look gorgeous in any dress you choose by pairing them with the Pearl Whirl (top), Cora Belle (middle), Catch Me (middle), or King Ring (bottom). They have all the glitz and glam any girl would dream of! 

Girls Night Out

Luichiny Red Carpet heels don't have to be just for a special occasion you can rock them at any of your girls night outs and look amazing! Whether you choose the Paris Nights (top), Vio Lynn (middle) or Dear Heart (bottom), you will be sure to turn heads!

All Luichiny Red Carpet styles will be available on www.demandshoes.com soon!


What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas! This past week our four brands got the chance to be apart of FN Platform in Las Vegas and needless to say they were a hit! Not only did we show off our amazing Spring 2014 collections to potential buyers and retailers but we also gave them a sneak peek into our Fall 2014 lines! Here are some great photos highlighting our time at FN Platform! Enjoy!

Bronx, Diba True, Luichiny and Testosterone all made a HUGE impact at FN Platform and we had such a great time attending the show! Check out www.demandshoes.com for our latest spring 2014 collections!

Valentine's Day Outfit Guide

Valentine's Day is this Friday, so we know that you are in search for that perfect outfit for the special evening! Whether you are having a casual night in with your beau, a romantic dinner date or a single ladies night out, we have got you covered! Check out our favorite outfits for your special Valentine's Day!

The Casual Evening

Whether it is going to be a relaxing night on the couch, a homemade meal, or a trip to the movies, these casual (but adorable) outfits are cute, trendy and the perfect fit for your night!

Diba True Ros Ie

Bronx Zoo Nee

Diba True Free Pass

So Much Romance!

Got a hot/ romantic date night planned with your man? These sexy yet sophisticated outfits are perfect to wear out to dinner, or whatever romantic plan he has in mind for you two!

Luichiny Till We Meet 

Luichiny Fan Out

Luichiny Time Goes By

Ladies Night Out

Single? That doesn't mean you can't go out and enjoy yourself! Go out with your girlfriends and celebrate being single and fabulous! These outfits are perfect for any single lady on V-Day and who knows, you just might find a man in them!
Luichiny Direct On
Luichiny Am Berlin

Luichiny May Lynn

Whatever you are having an amazing night with your man, a fabulous night with your girls or a relaxing night in, you will look amazing in any of these outfits and will have an even better night! Enjoy your Valentine's Day lovebirds!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you have no idea what to get that certain special someone in your life? I am here to help! Valentine's Day is all about celebrating the love that you have for that special someone in your life or all your loved ones, or even celebrating loving yourself. With that being said, give gifts that are made with love, that's right, I'm talking about DIY gifts. Sure, jewelry and flowers are always nice to get and surely say "I love you" but nothing expresses that love than a gift made from the heart! Here are a few ideas for gifts to give her and him!

Gifts for Her

Show her you love her through photos, this can be something cute to put on her wall, and will remind her always how much you love her. 

Every girl wants to hear all the reasons why you love her. Why not give her 52 reasons on a personalized card book, that she can keep forever. 

What girl doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries? Make them yourself to show her you really care and I'm sure she will let you have one. 

Make her a customized coffee mug so every morning she can read how you feel about her. 

Are you crafty? make her a board of the U.S. and stick a heart on every city you have been together. The more places you go, the more hearts and memories you will have. 

Gifts for Him

Let him know what you think of him with his favorite candy. 

Guys want flowers too! Take his favorite alcohol, socks, boxers or all three to make a manly bouquet!

The key to every man's heart is food, so toss him up a heart shaped pizza you both can enjoy together. 

Make him a personalized koozie, so that he can have and hold and to keep his beer cold!

Take his favorite coffee mug (or buy him a new one) and personalize it with a love message!

Gifts NOT to Give

A Stuffed Animal. We are not five years old, and we aren't going to be excited about getting a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day, so please save your money. 

A Puppy. Of course, puppies are cute, adorable and would be a great gift if you want one. But who wants to potty train a puppy in the middle of February, it's way too cold and chances are you will be the one freezing your buns off in the cold waiting for the cute fur ball to do its business. Just wait until spring. 

"He's Just Not That Into You." If you get this movie as a gift for Valentine's Day, it's a sign. Get out quick. 

A Gym or Weight Loss Program Membership. Nothing says I love you, like your significant other saying "You look fat in those jeans," without actually saying it. They let the membership do that for them. Not okay. 

A Ring Sized Box with Anything but a Ring Inside. Talk about disappointment.

Hopefully, these ideas helped you find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life! And if you want to keep them around, take my advice about the gifts not to give! 
Remember to tell the one you love how much you care!!