How To: Create the Perfect Shoe Closet

Let's face it, every girl who loves fashion (shoes in particular) wants and needs the perfect shoe closet. You know, the kind that only celebrities have or women with Carrie Bradshaw status. But why can't the non-rich and famous have a magnificent shoe closet that represents where all our hard earned money is spent? We can! And it can be so easy to accomplish!

And if turning your drab shoe closet or area is so easy, why not do it? It could make the difference from this.

To this...

Okay, okay maybe not THAT extravagant but a girl can dream! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you turn your drab shoe closet into a fabulous one!

You may not have room in your actual closet to store all of your shoes beautifully (I have just as many clothes as shoes!) So take advantage of the empty spaces you have around your house or apartment! 

1. Empty wall? Just add shelves to display your shoes.

2. Turn an empty shelf or cabinet into the perfect shoe holder! This can look so chic too!

3. Have an empty closet you never use? Or just an empty space that could be used for storage? Turn them into your new shoe closet!

Take advantage of the extra space in your house or apartment and the possibilities are endless for the perfect shoe closet for you! And don't forget to add your newest Luichiny, Bronx and Diba True shoes to that now beautiful closet of yours!

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