January's Birthstone: Garnet

Even though January is nearly over, we just can not get enough of it's birthstone color: garnet! It is a beautiful mix of red and burgundy and we think any woman can rock this color in the winter AND in the spring! Who knew right? Here are some of our favorite garnet winter and spring outfits paired with our Spring 2014 collections! Let us know what you think!


The Ros Ie by Diba True is the perfect casual bootie to wear with anything garnet! The Cognac color really plays well with the garnet and gold!

We just love garnet mixed with black! Pair this fancy outfit with the Till We Meet by Luichiny in leopard to add some spice to your night!

Leopard always looks good when paired with garnet which is why we love this outfit! To dress it up pair it with the Direct On in black by Luichiny!


This is the perfect casual outfit but you will still look stunning in it! We love the gold Ger Trude by Diba True matched with the garnet top and especially the garnet aviators! Too cute!

Feeling bohemian? This is the perfect spring look for the color garnet. The Cruize Way by Bronx dresses up the bohemian feel and will take this outfit from day to night. 

Tired of wearing the same old thing to weddings? Spice it up with this garnet, aztec dress paired with the Car Lita by Bronx, you will be sure to turn heads in this fabulous color and heels.

Want to see more of the color garnet? Tell us what you think of it and if we should make a shoe in January's birthstone color! 

Prom 2014

Alright Prom girls this is your time to shine!  Prom 2014 is right around the corner!  Whether you are going for short and sassy or long and elegant we have shoes to match your look!  Let us know what you think and don't forget to look for Luichiny Red Carpet for your prom attire!

Trend: Short and Sweet- Instead of wearing a long dress like most girls go for a different look, and show off that sweet side of you. Blush pink is a huge color this prom season and this adorable Sherri Hill dress is perfect!

Pair with: Luichiny Red Carpet- The great thing about these heels is they can be worn again, and again.

Trend: Bling!-  Show off your glamorous side in a sequin or crystal covered gown!  This cobalt blue is a hot color this season and you will sure to dazzle everyone!

Pair with: Luichiny Red Carpet- These stunning shoes not only match perfectly but they also bring out the dazzling stones.

Trend: Elegant and lacey- Be elegant and show off your sophistication with a gorgeous lace gown like the one featured below.

Pair with: Luichiny Red Carpet- These shoes will make a statement and can be worn numerous times after the event.

Here are your three main prom styles for the year! Make sure you are on your watch for Luichiny Red Carpet heels that will be available soon!

Transitional Shoes

The temperature is dropping but our minds are already in spring mode, mainly because lets face it, who doesn't love spring? And just about every retail store has all their beautiful spring attire out now! So we go ahead and buy it but we can't wear these spring outfits and shoes because well, its not spring. However, we have some great transitional shoes you can wear now and well into spring! Check out our Winter/Spring transitional shoes that can be worn throughout the seasons!

DIRECT ON by Luichiny

FREE PASS by Diba True

EVER MIND by Bronx

ROS IE by Diba True


PLEN TEE by Diba True

ZOO NEE by Bronx

A MAN DA by Luichiny

VIV IENNE by Luichiny

Whether you are living it up with the beautiful weather in Miami or in -1 degree weather in Chicago, you can still rock spring shoes with either winter or spring wear! 

All Gateway Fashion Group's Spring collection can be found at www.demandshoes.com

How To: Create the Perfect Shoe Closet

Let's face it, every girl who loves fashion (shoes in particular) wants and needs the perfect shoe closet. You know, the kind that only celebrities have or women with Carrie Bradshaw status. But why can't the non-rich and famous have a magnificent shoe closet that represents where all our hard earned money is spent? We can! And it can be so easy to accomplish!

And if turning your drab shoe closet or area is so easy, why not do it? It could make the difference from this.

To this...

Okay, okay maybe not THAT extravagant but a girl can dream! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you turn your drab shoe closet into a fabulous one!

You may not have room in your actual closet to store all of your shoes beautifully (I have just as many clothes as shoes!) So take advantage of the empty spaces you have around your house or apartment! 

1. Empty wall? Just add shelves to display your shoes.

2. Turn an empty shelf or cabinet into the perfect shoe holder! This can look so chic too!

3. Have an empty closet you never use? Or just an empty space that could be used for storage? Turn them into your new shoe closet!

Take advantage of the extra space in your house or apartment and the possibilities are endless for the perfect shoe closet for you! And don't forget to add your newest Luichiny, Bronx and Diba True shoes to that now beautiful closet of yours!