DIY Gifts for Her & Him

With Thanksgiving being so late this year, it gives us shoppers very little time to get all that holiday shopping done. Since we already know you got your loved ones pairs of Bronx, Diba True, Luichiny or Testosterone shoes, you will need a few ideas for what else to get them. Right? If you are the creative type or just do not want to spend a fortune or want to give something thoughtful, here are few great Do It Yourself ideas for the young ladies and men in your life!


Woman can be so hard to buy for because we either have everything or we want everything, and we always love something sentimental, it means a lot more to us than a gift bought from the store. (Not saying those are bad,  you know she will love you if you get her a pair of our branded shoes... wink, wink.) Here are some easy and fun gift ideas for the ladies!

Scarves are the perfect gift and so easy to make! You can make the top two scarves by cutting up a t-shirt! The bottom two can be made by knitting, crocheting or arm knitting! These are all easy things you can do when lounging around the house!

Our makeup brushes are not only expensive but very near and dear to our hearts. We use them everyday! Why not make her a fun holder to keep them safe? You can either decorate a jar or if you are handy with a sewing machine, sew her a fun fabric holder! So cute and fun to make!

 Let's be honest, without her calendar she would be completely lost! Why not make her a personalized one? You can make her one to hang up in her house with a dry erase board (like the photo on the left). Or you can create her one on your computer with personalized photos and sayings for each month! 

 Quote of the Day Jar. This is such a thoughtful but cheap one to do! Take an ordinary jar and decorate however you want, then find quotes that you know she would love and place them in the jar. Each day she can take a quote out and read it. It will totally brighten her day! If you do not want to look for quotes a decorative jar makes a super cute flower pot!

 Give her the gift of Time! Choose 12 different dates (that you pay for) to go on throughout the year and write them in different envelopes for each month of the year. At the beginning of the month you and her can open the envelope and decide what day to have your date! You can also do this with a friend, parent or child. The gift of time is by far the greatest gift ever!

Any of these gifts will not only make her happy but she will be so happy to have you in her life!


Men are always hard to buy for, for me at least. They are either too picky or 'do not want anything'. Here are some gifts that he will not only appreciate but love, as well. 

Guys want scarves too! Knit him up a scarf this season so he not only looks stylish but his neck is warm too! He will appreciate it when the harsh cold weather rolls in. 

Is his house looking a little plain? Make him something to spruce it up! A great mainly gift is taking all of his favorite beer bottle caps, gluing them to a poster and framing! Easy and looks awesome! Is he a lumberjack ... or just outdoorsy? Make his wood chopping days easier by sewing him a log carrier. So handy! 

 Let's face it, the key to his heart is through his stomach. So whip him up a batch of his favorite brownies or cookies. Turn his favorite beer bottles into a fun holiday decorated gift. Or give him a goodie basket that has all the beer, beef jerky, fish hooks or tobacco he wants ... you know manly things. 

Whatever it is you decide to make him, he will know it was made with love and that is the best kind of gift. He will love anything and everything you get him! 

All items can be found on Pinterest.

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