Are you ready for some good throwbacks, fashionistas? Well we decided to look back in our archives for the hottest selling shoes in our brands from 2008 and 2009. And boy, did we find some beauties and some very 'uinique' styles that hopefully never come back. We also decided to pair our throwback shoes with some of our hottest shoes this fall, just so you can see the wonderful changes we have made in our shoe world. Trust me, you will not want to miss out on these throwbacks!

Vintage VS. Modern Bronx and Diba

2008 Bronx bootie VS. 2013 Kay Tee sneaker bootie by Bronx

2008 Bronx Army boot VS. 2013 Mister Ree boot by Bronx

2009 Diba suede bootie VS. 2013 Ris Kee by Diba suede bootie

2008 slouchy Diba boot VS. 2013 Jet Way by Diba boot

Vintage VS. Modern Luichiny

2008 Luichiny boot VS. 2013 May La by Luichiny platform boot

2008 peep-toe bootie by Luichiny VS. 2013 Addic Ted platform bootie by Luichiny

2008 Luichiny animal print pump VS. 2013 Luichiny Ma Tilda pump

2008 Luichiny gladiator heel VS. 2013 Luichiny On My Watch gladiator heel (We still really love this throwback!)

Vintage VS. Modern Men's shoes

2008 Men's boot VS. 2013 Air Alert boot by Testosterone

Now those were some throwbacks that we love! Here are some throwbacks we hope never come back!

This Luichiny tie-up boot was probably really popular in the 80's (this is a 2008 design) but we would like our boots to stay away from the graffiti.

We love the evolution of men's shoes today because they are stylish and masculine, these however are not. We sure have came a long way with men's shoes!

Who doesn't love a fabulous snow boot? These 2008 Diba snow boots are great with the fur and warmth aspect. However, adding a heel to a snow boot is never a good idea when there is ice on the ground ... Ouch!

Is this a loafer, oxford or boot? We love loafers, oxfords and boots, just not all in the same shoe.

This blast from the past has been educational, a little painful but so much fun! Let us know what throwbacks are your favorites! Stay stylish fashionistas!

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