Men's Do's and Don'ts Style Guide

Okay guys so I know it's hard to break out of routine, especially if you believe this routine works for you.  This is a style guide made simple to help you look sharp, attractive, and confident everyday without looking like you put too much effort into your wardrobe.  Just keep these tips in mind and you'll rock whatever style you've chosen for the day.  

Dress to Impress

DO                                                                                                      DON'T

There is obviously a right way and a wrong way to pair prints.  Doing this subtly gives you a more professional look, that can easily be transitioned from work to an evening out. You don't want to use a bold print that is going to scream 'I want attention!"  This will only make you seem needy and self conscious.  Feel free to play with bolder prints on your tie or vest because that is very doable when you are wearing a dark colored suit. 
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DO                                                                                                       DON'T

The key to dressing casual is to not try too hard because everyone can tell when you do.  To successfully pull of the casual look you need an outfit that says this is your everyday style and it's easy.  Doing something as simple as cuffing your jeans and throwing on a sweater over your button up can change boring casual into interesting casual.  The picture on the right just screams "I spent over an hour trying to pick this outfit out." Casual attire should be easy and fast.
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Laid Back Look
DO                                                                                                  DON'T

You may not think there is a right and wrong way to pull off the "laid back" look, but there is.  You can either look comfortable but well put together, or comfortable and lazy.  The outfit on the left says you threw on your favorite jeans and plaid with a beanie and you look great.  The outfit on the right says I was too lazy to put on real clothes so I wore my sweatpants.  Doing something as simple as putting on a pair of jeans can completely change the feel of your outfit.
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Keep these easy style tips in mind and you'll never have to worry about your appearance.

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