Embracing the Fall Trends

Fall/Winter is among us whether you want to accept it or not.  Here are a few cozy style tips that will keep you warm and on top of the trends. 

Embrace the Short Bootie
I know this new style of shoe may seem intimidating at first, but trust me it is so easy to pull off with a casual outfit.
Try these style tips below.
Short booties are perfect to be paired with tights and thick socks on that cold day.
They also look great with shinnies cuffed or rolled, this prevents you from looking cut off and short. Try these styles from Diba True.

Embrace the Fall Trend Colors
Two major colors for this fall are emerald and burgundy.  These are very bold colors and can be worn in numerous different ways.  If you aren't ready for that bold step of wearing emerald pants try an emerald coat or scarf with a black outfit to make it an accent color (same with burgundy).  Try these Luichiny heels and tights for a date night where you will be perfectly colored for the fall.
Embrace the Androgynous Trend
This trend has hit it big and plans to stay through the Spring/Summer 14.  Androgynous is women's clothing being similar to men's.  It was very popular in the 60's and 70's when women began wearing pants.  Don't turn this trend down just because it's not sexy and what you are use to.  Instead embrace it and rock it.
Try rocking a pant suit to work instead of a skirt and blouse.  Pair with a great pair of loafers like the one's pictured above and you've got the look.  Go for more muted colors like grey, black, and beige.  

Hope you enjoyed these tips on how to embrace the fall trends!  Check out all of the shoes available at www.demandshoes.com

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