Anything but Shoes!

Today's post is going to be related to anything but shoes!  Today I decided to show you some of my favorite recipes to try for the Holiday season!
These Cherry Pie Bites are super easy, and super delicious!
Don't like Cherry?  Use any flavor you want the exact same way!
And the great thing about this recipe is, you don't have to get all fancy like the recipe calls for, all you need is pie crusts and a can of preserved fruit, some sugar, and an oven and you are good to go!

Peanut butter Balls!
These are super easy!
All you need is a bowl of slightly frozen peanut butter, a bowl of melted chocolate (of your choice), and some sprinkles and voila! 
1. Chill a large bowl of peanut butter
2. Melt a large bowl of chocolate
3. Roll peanut butter into 1"x 1" balls and dip into chocolate
4. Put sprinkles or decorations on of your choice (be sure to do this before the chocolate cools!)
5. Sit on a tray to cool and enjoy!

What do you want next Anything but Shoes blog to be about?  Comment below!

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