7 Fashion Items We Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving is only a few days away! So, as we are preparing for our turkey feasts and baking our pies, we can't help to wonder what we are thankful for. Of course, family and friends are at the top of our lists but what about the fashion? What fashion items are we SO thankful for that we just would NOT know what to do without them? Sure, we are thankful for coats because they keep us warm, and for leggings for pretending to be pants so we can be warm and comfortable. But what about those trendy, chic items you just could not bare to part with? Here are ours!

Clutch Purses

We all know that a purse can make or break an outfit, so this is why we are SO thankful for clutch purses. Also, they are small which means when we are out we do not have to lug around our huge normal purse that contains our whole life. Plus, clutch purses are so fashionable and trendy! Thank you to whoever invented this genius fashion item!

Inifinity Scarves

What would a plain sweater be without an infinity scarf? It would just be a plain top. Infinity scarves take a casual outfit and gives it a cozy feeling or can give a dressed up outfit a casual feel. Not to mention they can be so warm! Infinity scarves are a go-to, if you are feeling that your outfit just isn't cutting it, throw on an infinity scarf and it is instantly adorable. We are SO thankful for infinity scarves!

Statement Necklaces

OMG. What could be better than adding a little sparkle and flare to your already trendy outfit? Statement necklaces not only make a statement but can turn that blah outfit into one people will remember. Whether it is an assortment of jewels or a pop of color, statement necklaces are the perfect fashion item for any season, and that is why we are SO thankful for these charming accessories. 

Leopard Print Everything

Feeling wild? Slip on anything leopard! Leopard print not only looks sexy and chic but it makes you feel sexy and chic! And, has leopard print ever really gone out of style? No matter what item it is, if it is leopard than it is so trendy! We are SO thankful for leopard print and the way it makes us feel wild. 

Colored Lips

Colored lips instantly can turn a look and give it a sultry feel. Not to mention, lipstick makes you feel powerful and sexy. I know I feel that way when I rock my red hot lips. Trust me ladies, be bold and try that colored lip color, you will not regret it. It will be something you are thankful for too. 

Fancy Nails

Say good-bye to boring, one colored nails! We have discovered the art of manicures and all the fun and amazing things you can do to your nails. Love that print on your new shirt? Transfer it to your nails for a fun twist to your outfit. Fancy nails also look super chic! We are SO thankful for the creative minds that discovered that there is more to nails than just one plain color. 

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are so in this season and they will definitely trickle into the following seasons! We have been so obsessed with tall, tall boots that we never gave our ankles time to breathe, Ankle booties can be worn with just about anything and look super chic. Why not be thankful for them? 

Diba True Full Steam
Here N Now

Luichiny Bryn Ney
Luichiny Rosa Anna

We just love our favorite fashion items and we hope you do too. Let us know if you can not live without these items either and let us know your other fashion items you are thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving, fashionistas!

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