Here at the home office we are all dolled up in our finest or funniest costumes to celebrate some Halloween fun! And you KNOW we all wore our Diba, Luichiny, Bronx and Testosterone's finest shoes! What would be an outfit, (even if it is a Halloween costume) without our shoes to complete our looks? Check out our Halloween fun!

Have a safe and fun Halloween fashionistas!
Throwback Thursday
We can all thank the Queen of the 80's fashion and pop scene, Madonna, for this fabulous throwback. Except, is it really a throwback? In the late 80's and early 90's the fashion world exploded with leather, ripped tights, plaid and studs. Guess what? It's back! The grunge/rocker look that Madonna perfected back in the day is trending like crazy now.
Today's grunge look has made some adjustments by adding almost a hippie or hipster feel and a more modern lace accent, thank goodness! Here are our favorite looks and of course we paired them with our 'grungiest' shoes!

The Luichiny Ar Leen is the perfect bootie for this updated hippie look, especially with those thigh high socks! It adds edge to the hippie feel of the outfit.

Grunge is all about the graphic tees, high-waisted shorts and tights. What better boot to pair the look with than the Diba Day Cruizer, its comfortable and fierce looking!

This Bronx Mister Ree boot is so grunge and can be paired with any outfit. We particularly like them paired with graphic tees, over sized sweaters and either shorts or a skirt. Floral is perfect with this boot to get that girly/edgy look!
Mixing plaids, patterns and stripes is so in! But with all that going on you need a bold yet classic shoe. The Luichiny R There More is edgy enough to pull off this outfit and will have you walking tall in that grunge look!

With the lace and high-waisted shorts this look is more on the hipster side of the grunge trend. Just so this look doesn't turn too hippie-ish (and there is nothing wrong with that), we paired it with the Luichiny Jump Back wedge. The suede and studs gives the whole look that edgy feeling!

Leather on leather! This all black outfit with multiple fabrics and textures (and great statement necklace) can be rocked with a quilted, high-top sneaker. The Bronx Kay Tee's big gold buckles and zipper accents are the perfect grunge accessory.
Needless to say, we are very glad the Grunge throwback has made its way back to our closets. Thank you Madonna!
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Halloween Costume Ideas!

We all know everyone is going to end up being Miley Cyrus for Halloween, so stand out with something different, but that has been around for years!  Here are a couple ideas for Halloween and the perfect shoes to go with each outfit :) Enjoy!

Above: Marie Antoinette
Pair with Luichiny's APRIL LOU

Above: Classic Witch
Pair with Luichiny's MY BEST EVER

Above: Vampiress
Pair with Luichiny's E LATED

Above: Supergirl and Wonderwoman
Pair with Luichiny's REALLY MINE

Hope you enjoyed the costume ideas!  If you have any others comment below and we will tell you what shoe we think would pair perfectly with it!

Top 5 Fall Trends This Season

Top 5 Fall Trends This Season
Fall is here and that means it is time to retire the flip-flops and sundresses to bundle up! No worries here, with these 5 amazing trends you will be looking just as trendy and stylish as you did in Spring and Summer. This fall it is all about that "effortless" look. You want to look fabulous but comfortable at the same time. It is all about mixing fabrics, pairing slouchy pieces with tight ones and looking OH, SO GOOD doing so! Did I mention you want to be warm? Yes, that is key. Warm and trendy never looked so effortless.
Aztec Leggings
Aztec leggings are perfect for dressing up the usual leggings and slouchy sweater look. The print can be dressed up or down for a cozy evening get together or a night out for dinner and drinks. However you choose to wear them, you will be the trendiest gal there!

 The Luichiny Pass N Time (left) and Rosa Anna (right) are the perfect boots for the aztec legging look!
Nude & Leather
Nude and leather can be the perfect combination of comfortable and sexy. Leather pants with a nude slouchy sweater is this perfect combination and can be worn with flat boots or heels depending on what look you want to go for. Whatever look you are trying to pull off, nude and leather is the perfect way to look trendy and chic!

These two Luichiny platform heels are sure to make that nude & leather outfit standout amongst the crowd. The Ma Tilda platform heel is perfect paired with leather pants or a skirt where the Really Mine platform boot is perfect with a nude dress and leather jacket!
Big Knit Swaters
Oh, so comfy! Any way that you decide to wear big knit sweaters you will be warm and cozy, oh and stylish! Pair these sweaters with scarfs, jeans, leggings, skirts, mini dresses, anything!

The Diba Day Cruizer (top) and the Bronx Try Umph complete the big sweater look. These boots are just as comfortable as the sweaters and also just as trendy! They are the perfect match for each other!
Harlem Pants
 Harlem Pants are not just stuck in the early 90's anymore. They are back and trendier than ever! These pants are not only comfortable but so versatile! They can be printed, solid color, textered, dressed up or down! Here are a few of my favorite looks!

 The Luichiny Jump Back and R There More are the perfect styles for the Harlem Pants! They create just enough 'funk' yet can be toned down if you dress down the pants for a more casual look.
Ankle Booties
Ankle booties are so hot for fall right now. If you are wearing boots, they should be booties! They come in so many shapes, sizes and even heights. Whether they are flat booties or 6-inch booties you will be looking amazing! So get out there are rock some of these trendy booties!

The Diba Jet Way (top), Plen Tee (second), and Rad Ient (third) booties are perfect for that more relaxed casual look, where the Luichiny Ros Anna, Bryn Ney, and Ar Leen are perfect for a night out or to dress up any outfit.

If you are sporting any of these trends this fall we all know how trendy, stylish and fabulous you are looking! Keep it up!