How To: Wear Runway Looks in Real Life

Anyone that keeps up with the fashion world knows that New York Fashion Week just ended.  Of course we all have our favorite designers/looks but some garments can be questionable especially when it comes to everyday wear.  This post is specifically about How To: Wear Runway Looks in Real Life.

Runway Trend: Orange is the new Black

Let's just say we agree the orange on orange suit is a little too much but if you love pulling off a bold color try these tips.
1.Pair with a neutral color so you don't look like a crayon walking around the office
2. Wear black (you can never go wrong with black) and pair a pop pair of heels/clutch/or accessories with it.
3.If you are going to rock the orange lipstick first find a shade that compliments your skin tone. We don't want anyone to walk around looking like a clown. 

Runway Trend: Traveling Gypsy Goddess

We love mixing a good print with another good print, but we don't want you to look like a gypsy on an acid trip.  Although the three styles above are fabulously flawless, let's face it in the real world this is a little more "I got dressed in the dark" than "I saw this on NY runway".
Helpful tips
1.  Find prints that won't contradict each other too much.
2.  Pick a color scheme and you will pretty much be able to use any prints together. Picking a softer color scheme with a neutral color scheme is going to be easier.
3.  If you really want to go out of the box try mixing a floral printed bottom with a printed top (something simple like polka dots)
The best way to pull off mixing prints is to do it confidently!

Runway Trend: Heavy Metal

Face it: Metallics are back and they're coming with a shiny BANG!  We love the liquid gold look but we don't want you to look like you just came from a rave and may have possibly been attacked by a disco ball.

Here's a few helpful tips to keep in mind if you are ready to shine in metallics!
1.  Don't go too much metallic, trust us a little goes a long way.  Try pairing either metallic top with a solid bottom or vice versa.
2. Try a metallic nail and shimmery eye make up if you want to do a toned down metallic look
3.  Don't mix metallics with metallics they are fine on their own!

Hope you enjoyed these helpful tips about wearing runway style in the real world!  Comment below what your favorite style was from NY Fashion Week!


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