Way off Wednesday! Everything BUT shoes!

Even though no girl could get tired of hearing about great shoes, today I wanted to introduce you to a few non shoe trends for the upcoming Fall 2013 season!  

Besides being a shoe fanatic, I also absolutely love jackets/coats.  And this fall is going to be a great year for them!  
What's the trend?  STATEMENT OUTERWEAR!  
Check out a few of my favorites!
Absolutely in love with the red coat! 

Of course having a handsome escort always helps upgrade your attire :)

Simple but statement worthy!

Another major trend that is hitting the runways (also in our shoes, sorry had throw something in about shoes) is Shades of Green! Emerald, military, forest.. all the greens you can think of!
Deep forest greens

Emerald greens

The next trend I know will not be for everyone, but if you have the confidence and right style to pull it off then flaunt it!  
Trend: Folk-Inspired

Let me know what you guys want to hear about next in Way off Wednesday! 

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