Vacation All I Ever Wanted!

What else is summer good for without a great vacation?!  This week I am vacationing in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Sandy beach, Lake Michigan, and cheese!  What else could a girl ask for on vacation?  Hmmm... I know SHOES!  Bronx/Diba Shoe Outlet has just what you need for your vacation shoes (and trust me you'll have room in your suitcase.)

Bronx wedge SHORT CAKE.  This wedge is great for family photos on the beach, summer dresses. and capris!

Bronx wedge SAIL BOAT.  This wedge is great for a nice dinner out and will leave your feet comfortable all night long!

 Luichiny sandal WHAT'S COOKIN.  This sandal will sparkle in the sun and bring any outfit a little bling.
Luichiny sandal U NITE will help add shine to your around town outfit!

All of these shoes are great for vacation and easily packed away into a suitcase.  Buy them online at  or instore at Bronx/Diba Shoe Outlet
3630 Corporate Trail Dr, MO 63045

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