Radio Interview & Heartland Underdog Event

This past Friday (July 26) was very eventful for us. We had a radio interview with 1380 AM The Woman. We gave previews of what styles and colors to expect this fall. Also we talked about heel heights and how they just keep getting higher, but will hopefully stop soon or else our feet will be completely vertical. Another thing we discussed were shoe parties at the Bronx Diba Outlet Store. These are private parties that you can host for your friends in which you can shop while you eat and drink!

After the radio interview, we went to the Heartland Underdog Wardrobe Sale. This was a fun event held at a downtown loft which was hosted by ALIVE Magazine. Along with a ton of awesome appetizers, several people brought clothes, purses, shoes, and accessories to sell. We brought some shoes and accessories of our own to also sell. The night was full of eating, drinking, and of course shopping! Everyone enjoyed trying on all of the clothes and hanging out.  Below are a few pics from our event!

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