Radio Interview & Heartland Underdog Event

This past Friday (July 26) was very eventful for us. We had a radio interview with 1380 AM The Woman. We gave previews of what styles and colors to expect this fall. Also we talked about heel heights and how they just keep getting higher, but will hopefully stop soon or else our feet will be completely vertical. Another thing we discussed were shoe parties at the Bronx Diba Outlet Store. These are private parties that you can host for your friends in which you can shop while you eat and drink!

After the radio interview, we went to the Heartland Underdog Wardrobe Sale. This was a fun event held at a downtown loft which was hosted by ALIVE Magazine. Along with a ton of awesome appetizers, several people brought clothes, purses, shoes, and accessories to sell. We brought some shoes and accessories of our own to also sell. The night was full of eating, drinking, and of course shopping! Everyone enjoyed trying on all of the clothes and hanging out.  Below are a few pics from our event!

Back to School with Luichiny!

Alright this is the last back to school post to show off our brands hottest styles!!  This week we are going back to school with hot Luichiny heels and savvy sandals!  Get these latest shoes at or visit our store located at 3630 Corporate Trail Dr., Earth City MO, 63045
Boots will be available soon!

Featured above from top to bottom: VER MONT, FLOREN TINE, UNITE, WHAT'S COOKIN.

All boots above will be available soon!  Are you as excited as I am?!

Back to School with Diba True!

Back to school time is almost upon us!  Looking for the hottest summer looks that are easily transitioned into fall?  Then you need to make sure you're ready for school with Diba True's essential sandals, wedges, and boots! Comment below your favorite Diba True shoe!
All shoes available at
or our retail location
3630 Corporate Trail Drive, Earth City, MO, 63046
Hours: M-F 8-6, Sat 11-4, Sun closed 

Swim, Sand, and Shoes!

What is summer good for without a little sun, a new suit, and great shoes to show off at the beach?  If you have yet to make your beach appearance don't miss out on these great sandals that are a must have!

Each of these sandals can be found at

Comment below what your favorite vacation spot is!

Sneak Peak: Fall 2013 Colors!

Wondering whether the oh so popular burgundy color will be back for round two this season?  Well question no more because I am about to reveal fall 2013's hottest colors.  They are bold but rustic and a definite must have for the season.  Not sure which is your color?  Try pairing any of these rich fall colors with neutral tones and you can't go wrong!

Army Green


Cinnamon Orange

Ink Blue

Are you as in love with these colors and heels as I am?  All will be available come August at

Back to School with Bronx!

The next few Monday's I'll be posting previews of our brands for the most popular back to school styles. You won't want to miss these hot trends from Bronx, Diba True, or Luichiny.  One huge trend (to be honest I never thought would be popular) is effortlessly cool menswear for women.  This alternate look is great for tomboys and has a preppy twist to it.

I must say this is going to be one of my favorite trends!  Hope you enjoy it too!  Shoes will be available soon :)

Way off Wednesday! Everything BUT shoes!

Even though no girl could get tired of hearing about great shoes, today I wanted to introduce you to a few non shoe trends for the upcoming Fall 2013 season!  

Besides being a shoe fanatic, I also absolutely love jackets/coats.  And this fall is going to be a great year for them!  
What's the trend?  STATEMENT OUTERWEAR!  
Check out a few of my favorites!
Absolutely in love with the red coat! 

Of course having a handsome escort always helps upgrade your attire :)

Simple but statement worthy!

Another major trend that is hitting the runways (also in our shoes, sorry had throw something in about shoes) is Shades of Green! Emerald, military, forest.. all the greens you can think of!
Deep forest greens

Emerald greens

The next trend I know will not be for everyone, but if you have the confidence and right style to pull it off then flaunt it!  
Trend: Folk-Inspired

Let me know what you guys want to hear about next in Way off Wednesday! 


We wish everyone a fun and safe 4th of July week/weekend! 

If you haven't picked out your 4th of July outfit yet here are some ideas!  Enjoy!
Above: A simple striped dress paired with a bold statement necklace and Luichiny's TURN IT UP wedges.

Above: Girly striped dress with large clutch and statement necklace.  Which shoe would you wear with this outfit?
(top to bottom)
A. Silver Bronx flat NEVER QUIT
B. Red Diba True wedge DEC A DENT
C. Beige Luichiny heel LOVE WIND

find them all at

Shoesday: Latest spring/summer trends

It's another Shoesday Tuesday!  Have you been keeping up with the latest spring/summer trends?  If not here are a few you may be missing out on!


Featured above is Luichiny's GOT CHA.  We have mixed these two major trends together and put it into one perfect shoe.  Sheen accents and metallic details are a great way to spice up any outfit!


Featured above are Luichiny's VIC TORIA. Can't get enough of florals this summer?  Check out the best floral prints of the year at our website (


Adorable cutouts are being seen everywhere now!  It's a girly trend for the summer that is simple and easy!  Featured above are (left to right) Bronx flat NEVER QUIT, Bronx wedge SAIL BOAT, and Diba true sandal KEE SHA.

Now you are up to date on the latest summer trends!  I think its time for a new summer look!  Check out all of these styles at Bronx-Diba Shoe Outlet or online at

Vacation All I Ever Wanted!

What else is summer good for without a great vacation?!  This week I am vacationing in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Sandy beach, Lake Michigan, and cheese!  What else could a girl ask for on vacation?  Hmmm... I know SHOES!  Bronx/Diba Shoe Outlet has just what you need for your vacation shoes (and trust me you'll have room in your suitcase.)

Bronx wedge SHORT CAKE.  This wedge is great for family photos on the beach, summer dresses. and capris!

Bronx wedge SAIL BOAT.  This wedge is great for a nice dinner out and will leave your feet comfortable all night long!

 Luichiny sandal WHAT'S COOKIN.  This sandal will sparkle in the sun and bring any outfit a little bling.
Luichiny sandal U NITE will help add shine to your around town outfit!

All of these shoes are great for vacation and easily packed away into a suitcase.  Buy them online at  or instore at Bronx/Diba Shoe Outlet
3630 Corporate Trail Dr, MO 63045